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Cost Plus World Market, commonly known as World Market, first opened its gates to the public in 1958 by founder William Amthor, on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, when he saw that the locals were loving the imported and discounted furniture when he sold some of his old palm (ratan) merchandise. Cost Plus World Market are branches in the United States that are dealing in gifts, home furniture, decor, curtains, wine, bedding, kitchenware, beer also including a variety of international food products. With its current headquarters in Alameda, California, and embracing a total of 258 stores expanding along 39 states and Washington D.C., this firm waged more than 6,000 people. All the items were sold for the original price plus a 10% increase. In February 2006, World Market stated an income of $125 million, with a total of $367 million, for the fourth quarter of 2006. The annual earnings were $280 million with over $800 million in revenue. Cost Plus is a privately held organization with Barry J Feld, acting as its CEO from October 2005. In 2014, Cost Plus released a crowd-sourcing method termed Craft By World Market. This site posts goods and supplies for a maximum period of one month.

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