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Lowes Foods is a major American supermarket chain operating more than 100 stores all across Carolina and Virginia. Jim Lowe started Lowes Foods with a single store back in 1954, in North Carolina. Later it was acquired by JC Faw. Lowes Foods have grown rapidly since its outbreak to mold the standard supermarkets and in turn it has created a distinctive shopping experience for Carolina roots. The new vision of Lowes Foods which states their aim to bring the community back to the table has widely changed their customer base. Their spirit for transformation can be seen in its innovative projects like Pick & Prep, Chicken Kitchen and Sausage works. Lowes Foods provides a variety of wide range of products including groceries, deli, meat, produce, bakery, seafood, dairy, and floral in addition to natural foods and supplements. One of the key reasons for shopping from Lowes Foods is Lowe's-Foods-to-Go program which lets customers shop online, and these can either be delivered or picked up at their stores. Its e-grocery services have been instrumental in providing all its products at your doorstep. Lowes Foods, discount stores are committed to delivering quality, value and service to all its customers no matter where they shop.

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