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Commenced in May 1926, IGA or Independent Grocers Alliance, founded by J. Frank Grimes, organized and integrated 100 independent retailers into one marketing system in Poughkeepsie, New York, and Sharon, Connecticut. Independent Grocers Alliance or IGA managed to bring about 150+ retailers under its umbrella in the initial year. In 1930, this number escalated to 8000+ grocery stores operating under the name of IGA. With the subsequent passage of the century, IGA has maintained its promise to help in the upliftment of grocers and to aid them in competing with the current market trends by staying true to themselves and holding tight on to their roots. IGA members believe in shopping locally as its adds quintuple returns to the local economy, thereby strengthening it to serve Independently, Community serving, Business, and consume from a variety of locally made products within proximity of the consumer. After a significantly good launch response, IGA decided to diversify its branches across the globe and launch its own canned food brand. Thus, IGA is all about family farmers dealing with the local products and their fresh availability to friends, neighbors, and communities to bring out the best within them. IGA is known for offering a wide range of goods ranging from exclusive brand products to canned and farm-fresh products at a price that won't empty your wallet and, at the same time, fill up your pantry.

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