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Previously known as Giant Food Stores and now commonly known as The Giant Company, is an American supermarket chain established in 1923, by David Javitch as a small meat market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania known as Carlisle Meat Market. With outlets in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Comprising a workforce of 35,000 employees and a total of 190 stores spread all over the United States as of September 2020. A major shift occurred in 1936 when Javitch purchased a store that was named Giant Shopping Food Centre in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, as this was a full-fledged grocery store, unlike the indigenous meat market plus it incorporated a new concept of food storage at that time (dry + spoilable) goods in the same store. The verified expansion took place in 1950 when shopping malls became a frenzy for American consumers and Javitch now shifted towards the suburban areas. The annual revenue is 562 crores USD, under the wing of Nicholas Bertman as its CEO. The Giant Company offers products falling under the category of groceries, household items, natural foods, grilling equipment, deli, frozen items, pet supplies, and also all the latest produce are in stock of The Giant Company.

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