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El Rancho Super Market Inc. commenced its first store in 1988, aiming to give the Spaniards residing in the United States a sense of being 'at home.' El Rancho's prime motive is to provide their target audience an at-home experience with their best quality and most fresh products at the lowest possible price. It targets to satisfy the needs and wants of the customers and exceed their expectations in terms of the diversified range of budget-friendly products. Headquartered in Garland, Texas, El Rancho Supermercado deals in an assorted range of retail, big box, groceries, and supermarket management. El Rancho envisions a robust and cordial relationship with its consumer base by being their 'Rancho for Life' and being a partner to help the Hispanics stay close and held to the Spanish traditions even in the United States. With a company size of over 5,000 employees, l Rancho is one of the most preferred stores by consumers when it comes to cleanliness and a pleasant, healthy environment for getting a wholesome shopping experience as El Rancho is 'The King of Low Prices.' Adding to the traditional experience of the Spaniards, El Rancho caters to all the daily needs of the consumers ranging from sandwiches, pasta, vegetables, desserts, deli, dairy food products, seafood, cakes, frozen items and bakery goods in the Lone Star State of Texas.

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