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Bi-Mart is an employee-owned retailer chain operating all across the United States. With its fair prices and department-wise segregation of products, Bi-Mart ensures all customers who visit the store have a delightful shopping experience. It is currently headquartered in Oregon, United States. It was founded 65 years ago over a cup of coffee by a group who believed that all consumers deserved a higher value for the money they spend on a variety of products, including housewares and electronics. Over the years, Bi-Mart has grown from a store started in a garage to a regional retailer with the commitment to serve all its customers with the best quality products. Bi-Mart's "meet or beat" policy combined with its humongous stores in selling huge merchandise at affordable costs has helped build a solid customer base and surpass its competitors. With its membership approach, Bi-Mart aims to turn consumers into members who can avail discounted prices on day-to-day products. Bi-Mart has a rock-solid membership base as it provides deals and coupons, and added advantages, including regular discounts on every purchase made by a member. Whether it's automotive maintenance or your everyday shopping list, Bi-Mart is the one place you can count on to save money and get the best deals.

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