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Headquartered in Arizona, Basha's is technically a family-owned grocery store that has been up and running since 1932, with its one branch in New Mexico and a total of 130 stores owing to Basha's quintuple expansion at the beginning of the 21st century. Founded by Edward Basha in Chandler, Arizona, the grocery supermarket has over 9,100 employees. Basha's family handled store compromises of four well-defined formats: Basha's, Basha's Dine, AJ Fine Foods, and Food City. Most of Basha's stores are a part of the non-union. The United Food and Commercial Workers represents nearly nine Basha's stores. The American food retailer deals in bakery items, beef, seafood, sweets, fruits, vegetables, and frozen foods, deli, sandwiches, and vitamin products for its US clientele. The Basha's supermarket is a typical grocery store whereas, its another branch AJ Fine Foods, specializes in gourmet and specialty stores. The Food City compromises mainly of ethnic and Hispanic foods. Its main competition is the EL Rancho Market and Fry's Mercado in the state of Arizona. It is amongst the top major employers in the United States and one of the Best Places to Work in Arizona, with over 100 grocery shops. Bashas' has reciprocated more than $100 million to the target communities, served by Basha's since its founding in 1932.

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