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David H. McConnell, a progressive pioneer with a vision to change the game for women and transform them into champions, did not establish just a beauty company but a radical business model in 1886. He believed in community strength and envisioned economic freedom for women by offering them entrepreneurial opportunities. David founded Avon Products Inc., a London-based Multinational Cosmetic Company dealing in cosmetics, skincare products, vibrant fragrances, and personal care products. For the past 135 years, Avon has been a pioneer in hearing out and catering to women’s needs through beauty, sharing passion, innovation, and expertise at an affordable price range. Avon’s primary aim was to empower women and transform their lives for the better as they believed in beauty democracy, i.e., each one is beautiful in its way. Avon Products Inc. is a leading multinational manufacturer dealing in cosmetic products like beauty, household, and personal care categories. The company was formerly known as The California Perfume Company. Since its inception, Avon has been striving hard to bring parity to gender inequality, social discrimination, and breaking free from the clutches of stereotypes. What started as a small store in 1886 has become the 14th largest beauty company globally and the second-largest firm in terms of direct selling enterprises in the world.

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