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Roger H. Chen, a Taiwanese immigrant, founded 99 Ranch Market, renowned as Tawa Market, and established its first store in Westminster, California, in 1984. 99 Ranch Market fills the void of an Asian Store in the cultural vacuum of the typical American supermarket. Ranch's corporate motto, "For 100, we strive harder," reflects the firm's dedication to providing the most significant goods and services to the target communities at all times. As the name implies, Ranch denotes freshness and shows the company's commitment to providing consumers with the freshest items possible in various categories like bakery, dairy, deli, frozen food, groceries, meat, seafood, snack, and liquor. With the help of their solid and devoted consumer support, diligent employees, and cooperative vendors, the Tawa Market has evolved as one of the largest Asian grocery chains and a Gateway to Asia with 54 stores across ten states, including the ones in California, Nevada, Texas, Washington State, New Jersey, and Oregon. Headquartered in Buena Park, California, 99 Ranch Market specializes in the retail supermarket segment by offering an assorted range of cuisines like Asian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Filipino, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese food. This year, the Tawa Market also launched their smartphone application to help its consumers order on the go without the hassle of surfing the website or the strenuous task of visiting a store.

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